the future is comin' soon (princeofwands) wrote in jtnou,
the future is comin' soon

getting hold of my belt from dreamland

So - several months ago a belt of mine ended up in Jen's care. The one I've been using has ratted out in the last week to the point that it needs replaced. If convenient, I'd rather get the other one back than have to go out and buy a new one right away. Anybody coming over to sunset_and_port tonight that could bring it with?

dangerpudding, we still need to sort out our tomorrow, but would hitting housedreamland on our way out of town fit with your vision?
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I'm at housedreamland now, so I can bring it there when I come to S&P tonight.

We can still hit housedreamland on the way out of town if needed tomorrow.
The belt will be missed. Thank you for letting it visit me and live here for a while.